A famous premium building, with unique design for Romania and Eastern Europe

Office building standing out from the crowd
The media compares this building with famous buildings around the world, signed by Hundertwasser and Gaudi
Besides the special design – a powerful differentiator in itself – the building boasts several other benefits which tell it apart from the mass of new office buildings in Bucharest.
Increased resistance in case of earthquakes (a)
*   due to its “oak” type structure , successfully tested in  Bucharest, during  the Mw 7,2 earthquake of 4 March 1977 and

*    due to its design and construction without any exceptions to the building standards and norms.

Close to the subway and quick access by car
The powerful diesel electro-generator
makes sure all  the computers and vital electrical circuits operate even in case of power-cut occurrence in the local grid.
Fame and increasing value
The building boasts fame and has increasing value; its appearance on the Bucharest real estate market was covered by the media and it was presented in exhibitions, as far back as not even finished, along with important landmarks: the Athene concert hall, the Arch of Triumph, the National Bank   because it recalls famous world buildings.
Other benefits provided by the building .
Observance of building technologies (b)
This is a very strongly built new construction, in strict observance of building technologies, using premium quality materials, because the owner built it for own use and surveyed the works closely .  It stands out from constructions built in Romania after 1990, many of which are known to have serious flaws especially in the resistance structure .
Security in case of fire (c)
The building is authorized by- and has clearance from the Authority of Emergency Situations (ISU) for open space floors, or any glass & plasterboard partition. These three features (a,b,c) are of particular relevance in view of the imminence of a high risk earthquake in Romania  . In such an unfortunate event, our tenants will not lose their offices.
Numerous parking places:
81 parking places in the underground garage and in the courtyard
The fence is articulated from gates that open during the day, making it possible to park inside the courtyard, perpendicular on the building. Moreover, there are hundreds of free parking places around the building, for staff and visitors of tenant companies.
The benefits provided by the building
are proven by the renown of its tenants: multinationals such as Allianz, Ursus Breweries, Biomedica Medizinproducte- Austria, VTU Engineering GbH-Austria, TMM groupe- Franta, but also Romanian IT, both software and hardware companies, (Hewlett Packard and Dell dealers), providing close to home service for computers and printers.


‘’Aviatiei’’ area, in the North of Bucharest, at 7-10  minutes’ walk from ‘Aurel Vlaicu’  underground station and at 5 minutes’ drive from Piata Charles de Gaulle . Easy access from anywhere in Bucharest by  underground and by car, along the main avenues. Close to the airports, to DN1 and A3, the main roads northbound and to Bucharest ring road.

The building stands at the cross road of Siriului and Musetesti streets .

Address: Bucharest, Strada Siriului, nr. 42-46, sector 1

The building is visible from the main boulevard and from the high bridge nearby  .

Green building: k=0.3 w/mpK.

The building is very sunny  and all windows can be opened, providing an economic and healthy working environment in a quiet and unpolluted neighborhood, about 6-8 months per year.

Building overview

Basement +Ground floor + 5 floors: 1100 sqm per level “Open space” looking in classic/standard manner      , and  possible to be split and organized on request for office use
8800 sqm of building and 1834 sqm of land

2 entrances in the reception hall  : main entrance– IN 1 in Siriului street  and the alternative entrance – IN 2 in Musetesti street , with access ramp for disabled people.

2 lifts   : Lift 1, Otis (8 pax) from the ground floor to the 5th floor, lift 2 Kone (10 pax) from the basement to the 5th floor.

Exterior metal emergency staircase      , can also support the coolers for servers on each floor.

Attractive ‘Art Nouveau’ decorations in the entrances     hallways   stairs and toilettes

At the ground floor is designed a space with terrace for a café or teahouse . Plus, the building is  the only one business center provided, on the upper floors ( 5th and 6th),  an outdoor sport  terrain (tennis, volleyball, basketball, football)  with garden terraces       .But the icing on the cake is the top of the building, designed to host outdoor sports: (tennis, volleyball, basketball, football a.s.o). To date, it is the only office building providing the possibility of outdoor sport facilities with garden terraces.
An impressive belvedere of the North of the town and towards Baneasa airport is offered from the 4th, 5th and 6th floors.

Why us?





Press and internet about the building reviews

In the North of Bucharest a most unexpected building emerged, a building unlike the glass towers that mushroom in our Capital, or the grim working class blocks in the districts further away. 

Showing a façade combining yellow and blue, brick and orange, Hundertwasser House Bucureşti was created by its owner Sanda Maican, professor at the Electronic Faculty of the “Politehnica” University of Bucharest.

Prof. Maican supervised closely the works and jokes that after a Ph. D. in computers she could now get one in construction. From the very beginning, Maican chose a “oak” classical concrete structure, stronger and safer in case of earthquakes, over a glass giant: “And that I thought of something with more character, that wouldn’t look quite like a school”.

“It was no flop. It could have turned out into kitsch”

The source of inspiration is to be found in the bright colours, the wavy lines and the preference for round shapes used by the Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser as well as the Catalan Antonio Gaudi. “I was many times in Vienna and I visited the Hundertwasser’s houses. I liked them very much and I noted how popular they were with tourists. I was in Barcelona, too, so I had the idea to build something similar in Romania.

The main entrance
The architects consulted with the view of building in Hundertwasser stile accepted to design the building but declined dealing with the ornaments. Maican did take advice from a construction company, but most of the ideas were her own, with some help from a couple of artists.
“It was no flop. It could have turned out into kitsch”, says Maican. Look, if the colored squares were not separated by a darker girdle of tiles, the façade would have not looked good. ”That girdle makes the colors stand out and look good”, explains Maican.
No owls on the walls
“It took tens of trials to get the colors right, and we used the computer to get the right shade, the right brightness, we did not want anything too glitzy”. Maican dealt with the inner decoration, as well. In a toilette at the ground floor she thought to make an owl from tile shards, having in mind a symbol of wisdom. But everybody, from craftsmen to real estate agents saw in it ill omen, as in Romanian superstitions, so away flew the owl; it was replaced by a swan
A green building, surrounded by sun
The construction of the building by Expert S.P., company owned by Sanda Maican, started in 2006, and the last exterior decorations were finished in 2011. The total investment is over 15 mil €, but Maican says there is still work to do. When finished, the building will have on the roof open air terraces, and sports court (adaptable for tennis, volleyball, basketball or football).
The building is “green” because of its low heat and energy loss. During the day the sun goes around the building, so one does not need electric light in day time. All the equipment has low consumption. All the windows open, so 6-8 months per year the fresh air makes air conditioning superfluous.

Sanda Maican closely supervised the construction works.
The workers meet Hundertwasser: “People are laughing at us for curved girdle of tiles on the terraces exterior”
The mosaics are made of shards, of broken tiles. “I was naïve enough to think that all you had to do was to drop tiles from a certain high. False! When you drop them, the tiles break into small splinters! The whole tile is lost! We finally found a breaking technique, by hitting two tiles. And the guys got it! They developed the knack of breaking the tiles large shards, to reduce waste. There is no other way of finding good size shards of the same color”.
The five workers who were working eight months to decorate the façade got on the job training on how to paint and to put the shards together. The wavy top of the building was a real headache. “I was down, instructing the workers: “There you have to go down the curve by 25 centimeters”. “The neighbors are laughing at us, Madam, thinking we don’t know our trade”. But when it was all over, they said: “We don’t know how we worked before”. I kind of pulled them out of their trade and we all struggled to learn”, Maican remembers.
  • It is a pleasure to look at this building. If Bucharest had more iconic buildings like this, to meet the foreign visitors at the city gates, one would recognize a European capital and anticipate that there is more to see than the ‘potato’ in the Revolution Square and the People’s Palace. Finaly a building in front of which you want to have your picture taken. It is a combination between similar buildings in Vienna and houses in Cinque Terrs (Italy), at least the colours. Congratulations!

    • A.R.B.
    • 23 oct, 23:48.
  • I think this is a cute and happy building. I would like having an office there. It shows ``out of the box`` thinking.
    It is ridiculous to argue whether it is a Gaudi building or a copy. It is in that style, yes, but it is original. However more original then glass and classic concret buildings. And moreover, it is efficient, in the green concept way.

    • Paul S
    • 23 oct. 10:28
  • To those who comment on originality – remember that most buildings are replicas or interpretations of original ideas, and that includes glass buildings. In my mind, you better replicate Hundertwasser or Gaudi, it is so much more cheerful than grim glass buildings.

    • Anca
    • 24 oct.11:23
  • I do not know about you, how many fantasy buildings have you seen, but I had my fare share worldwide. Starting with Gaudi and Hundertwasser in Vienna, in Amesterdam the group of funny buildings, that odd building in Tel Aviv, or in Ontario Cassa Brava, countless in the US, ‘’Bout de Siecle’’ architecture, especially in Austria a.s.o.. This building reminds me of them. Of course, one needs a brush of culture to go along with it. Gaudi himself was misunderstood at his beginnings. Same story with Klimt and Brancusi. It is important to let your impressions sift and the try to appreciate. All in all, it is good to see some avantgarde in Romanian architecture.

    • Radu C.
    • 30 oct,14:59
  • The building has character, nice proportions and the likeliness to Hundertwasser, whom I studied some 4 years ago is really good.

    • 23 oct. 20:12
  • Congratulation, Mrs. Maican, this is an outstanding achievement! Maybe our architects are of a more conservative mind, and prefer designing simple, predictable bildings, and the investors like only shapes they can understand. Sometimes one has to pass by the library in order to build something special...And of course to pass by the bank...Such buildings are better understood by people of culture and taste above the average. Refinement is a vertue of those in the know.

    • Popa Marius
    • 23 oct, 8:20
  • A tonic style, a gush of fresh air in that grim Bucharest – I am happy to see that people start building something else than boxes, big or small.

    • Teo Sze
    • 23 oct, 06:48
  • Finnaly a funny and human building in a Bucharest full of hideous and horrific glass and metal towers

    • Glen
    • 23 oct, 00:40
  • ....this building defies the authors of ‘’normal’’, unimaginative constructions.

    • Dorin Teodor
    • 23 oct.11:43
  • Congratulations! We have enough of dull, grey and grim in Bucharest. Go (at least on the net) and see coloured, cheerful neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires. Why should we be miserable every day...

    • Doru P
    • 31 oct. 15:27
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