Building overview

Basement +Ground floor + 5 floors: 1100 sqm per level “Open space” looking in classic/standard manner      , and  possible to be split and organized on request for office use
8800 sqm of building and 1834 sqm of land

2 entrances in the reception hall  : main entrance– IN 1 in Siriului street  and the alternative entrance – IN 2 in Musetesti street , with access ramp for disabled people.

2 lifts   : Lift 1, Otis (8 pax) from the ground floor to the 5th floor, lift 2 Kone (10 pax) from the basement to the 5th floor.

Exterior metal emergency staircase      , can also support the coolers for servers on each floor.

Attractive ‘Art Nouveau’ decorations in the entrances     hallways   stairs and toilettes

At the ground floor is designed a space with terrace for a café or teahouse . Plus, the building is  the only one business center provided, on the upper floors ( 5th and 6th),  an outdoor sport  terrain (tennis, volleyball, basketball, football)  with garden terraces       .But the icing on the cake is the top of the building, designed to host outdoor sports: (tennis, volleyball, basketball, football a.s.o). To date, it is the only office building providing the possibility of outdoor sport facilities with garden terraces.
An impressive belvedere of the North of the town and towards Baneasa airport is offered from the 4th, 5th and 6th floors.